Household Hardware Furniture Screws

Household Hardware Furniture Screws

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Household Hardware Furniture Screws

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1, copper hardware furniture screws

Copper hardware furniture screws are our daily use of commonly used metal materials, copper hardware furniture screws with good corrosion resistance, easy to process. And in a wide range of applications, its processing technology is relatively mature.

2, stainless steel hardware furniture Screws

As the name suggests, stainless steel hardware furniture screws have the advantage of very difficult to rust, long service life, long time after use will not appear dim, and will not change color.

3, zinc alloy hardware furniture Screws

Zinc Alloy hardware furniture screws are mainly characterized by low hardness, simple processing technology, complex shape, easy to make complex patterns and patterns on the surface. But it's also a big disadvantage for it. It is not strong enough, does not deform, and will rust when used for a long time.

4, aluminum alloy hardware furniture Screws

Aluminum alloy hardware furniture screws, due to the light weight of aluminum, soft, as easy to process as zinc alloy, can be well adapted to a variety of complex shapes. At the same time, the soft texture and strength of the material is not enough to cause breakage and injury after a long period of use.

5, Plastic hardware furniture screws

Plastic hardware furniture screws are mainly used for surface two processing, such as surface metallization, welding and hot pressing, the process is easier, stable after production. However, plastic furniture is not durable and has a short service life.

6, Ceramic hardware furniture screws

For ceramic hardware furniture screws, its aesthetics is unmatched by other furniture materials, but it also has drawbacks. Ceramic hardware furniture screws low compressive strength, easy to break, but ceramic furniture hardware has good performance. Corrosion resistant, good anti-acidic, alkaline and other objects.

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Furniture hardware can be divided into solid wood furniture hardware according to different uses. , panel furniture hardware, cabinet hardware accessories, wardrobe hardware accessories.

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Furniture hardware can be divided into functional hardware furniture screws, structural hardware furniture screws, decorative hardware furniture screws. Among them, the functional hardware furniture screws mainly include three in one connectors for connecting functions, screws and rails, hinges, guide wheels for sports equipment screws, structural hardware furniture screws include the metal structure of the glass coffee table, and the metal legs of the round table are negotiated. And so on. Decorative hardware furniture screws include aluminum edges, hardware pendants, hardware handles.