Stainless steel non-standard washer

Stainless steel non-standard washer

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Stainless steel non-standard washer

Stainless steel washer is the best elastic washer in semi-metal washer. The structural density of stainless steel washers can be constructed according to different locking force requirements, and the internal and external steel rings are operated to control maximum compression. The contour accuracy of the flange contact surface of the plate contact parts is not high. The d-6 7dl is the radius of the circle of the arc. Copper fittings can be in the form of docking joints, and V-shaped grooves should be opened.

Stainless steel gaskets should pay attention to the manufacture of stainless steel gaskets with pressure pipes, valves, pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment static seals. GASKET FLANGE Scales. Suitable for all types of pipes, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, condensers, pressure vessels, tower holes, sealing and water level gauges for hand flange connections, level gauges, sealing washers, such as Crystallizer.

Conditions required for stainless steel gasket SEALING

When the pressure of the medium increases and the valve is running, the preload pressure on the sealing surface decreases and the stainless steel washer bounces back. If the stainless steel washer is flexible enough so that the specific pressure of the working seal on the sealing surface is always greater than the medium and operating specific pressure, the sealing surface remains in good sealing condition. When tightening the valve flange bolts, the stainless steel washer puts pressure on the washer. The pre-tightening washer is compressed and the uneven clearance on the sealing surface is filled to prevent the media from leaking and forming an initial sealing state. -A specific pressure to form a preload on the sealing surface.

It should be emphasized that in the forced seal, the medium pressure always tends to reduce the preload to reduce the sealing performance. Forced seal in stainless steel gasketHardware CasingThe typical structure is flat pad seal, winding pad seal and gear pad seal, etc., usually used for low pressure, medium pressure and small and medium diameter valves. Today, domestic process productivity is increasing, and the process of producing products is becoming more and more high. For stainless steel gasket manufacturers, the use of improved stainless steel washers has increased considerably compared to the past. Whether it is professional factory direct sales or dealers, have a good performance. The appearance of stainless steel washer can be said to solve the various limitations of plastic products in the application process. The material product is called the Plastic King in the practical application process. ManyHardware fastener ManufacturersDo not know the reason, in fact, the main reason is that it has a strong stability and resistance. Acid-resistant alkaline and high temperature resistance is very strong, so it is widely used in a variety of environments, under normal conditions do not produce toxic side effects.

Stainless steel washers have no effect on the human body and the environment during practical applications, so they are currently the safest raw materials, especially in a variety of environments, and can be widely used to provide better advantages and functions. It can still be used more consistently in environments where the working environment is more than 250 degrees. The ambient temperature can be as low as 190°c and can still maintain an elongation of 5%.

In addition to safe and reliable use in a variety of extreme environments, it has excellent weatherability in practical applications, achieves extremely long service life, and compares the degree of acid and alkaline resistance due to inertia. High, can avoid melting and corrosion in a variety of organic solutions, so in a variety of extreme environments can play a good effect.