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Hardware furniture Screws


We all know thatHardware furniture Screwsand metal electrical screws need hot dip galvanizing. In fact, the working principle of hot-dip galvanizing is the processing technology of metal surface. The main function is to prevent the metal from being corroded outside. In order to extend the service life of the screw, many precisionHardware fastener ManufacturersHot-dip galvanizing is now used. Also saves costs and time, here is an explanation of the metal furniture screws processing hot-dip galvanized content.

So why do many customers say that electromechanical hardware screws will rust?

Ensure that the appearance of the embossing mold is clean and wipe the blanks in the processing of the metal stamping parts before drawing to prevent the mold from working outside or the surface of the material is not clean and the quality of the material is damaged.

The reason many customers complain is precisely the problem of screw rust. Therefore, Xin hardware is recommended in the storage of screws, can be coated with a layer of rust resistant oil. Rust resistant oil electroplating resistance very strong galvanized layer to form a special metallurgical structure, can withstand the transport and use of mechanical damage in the process. If you do the following

1, appropriate adjustment of the concave and convex mold clearance, in order to prevent the gap due to the concave and convex mold too small or uneven and damage the workpiece.

2, the radius of the mold fillet polishing and polishing to prevent rough mold to make the surface round, and when stretching the metal stamping part is scratched.

3, the appropriate increase in the surface hardness of the bump mold, drawing should be tested on the surface of the bump mold.

Many people know that stainless steel non-standard screws are easy to corrode, so in order to improve the service life of metal products and improve corrosion resistance, passivation treatment is essential.

The principle of passivation is to change the state of the metal surface to a state that is not susceptible to chemically treated oxidation, thus delaying the corrosion rate of the metal.

The dimensional accuracy of metal stamping parts is divided into precision grade and normal grade. Precision grades are designed to achieve accuracy through stamping process technology, while ordinary grades are achieved by simple means. But basically it is caused by impurities on the surface of the raw material or mold. How can we prevent this problem from happening again?

Passivation has several advantages over other surface treatments: 1. Compared with the traditional method, passivation has the characteristics of not increasing the thickness of the workpiece and changing the color, which not only improves the accuracy and added value of the product, but also simplifies the operation; In fact, it is more convenient than other coating construction methods and can be avoided after assembly in theHardware nut ManufacturersThe time required to paint at the construction site. The passivation treatment of metal stamping parts is to form a protective film on the metal surface after cleaning. Reduce corrosion.