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Screw is the use of the object's oblique circular rotation and friction of the physical and mathematical principles, the gradual fastening of the utensils machine tools; the existing screws in the fastening process, especially in the final more laborious time, the workers mostly use metal casing set in the outer end of the wrench, the use ofHardware CasingThe way to increase the arm, so that the wrench in the fastening screw process more labor-saving, but also make the screw connection more tight; however, because the iron pipe is only set in the outer end of the wrench, it is not connected to each other, improper operation or force too hard when it is easy to cause the wrench and metal casing out of the connection and there are safety , It is necessary to develop a kind of wrench casing with reasonable structure and safe and convenient use.

The metal casing consists of a flange and a handle extending by the flange. The handle is provided with a flexible leg extending from the end of the handle toward the flange and extending outward from the handle. The handle has a self-tapping screw screwed into it to prevent the leg from bending into the hole in the radial direction of the handle, thusHardware CasingFixed to the workpiece with the help of legs and flanges. The internal setting of the leg has a threaded part that is tapping by a self-tapping screw. The flange is partially combined with a tubular clamping torque that extends in a direction opposite to the handle. The clamping torque bears the partial formation of a screw insertion hole with a diameter smaller than the outside of the self-tapping screw, thus accepting the self-tapping screw.

      Stainless Steel screw manufacturerProducts are custom-made, due to the nature of stainless steel itself, nature and the limitations of machinery and equipment, coupled with manual operation also occupies most of the production process, there are so-called "errors." Stainless steel NUT processing industry lack of relatively clear national standards, so some stainless steel nut processing manufacturers in the choice of stainless steel when the thickness is slightly smaller, or after processing of stainless steel nut processing products and the original design drawings have a certain difference, so that the final stainless steel screw manufacturer processing products quality performance and effect can not meet the expectations.

Xinyuan Hardware stainless steel screw manufacturers should not lose sight of the direct benefits of long-term development. Reduce errors, improve the processing accuracy of stainless steel nut processing, stainless steel non-standard screw processing product quality. First of all, we must establish a sense of quality, and strive to do the best for each product. Second, pay attention to the renewal and maintenance of machinery and equipment, and usually do more maintenance. Finally, after material processing, it is necessary to strictly follow the processing drawings provided by the stainless steel nut processing designer and minimize the error.