Hardware fastener manufacturers of a fastener screw is good or bad, providing more than just fastening
- 2019-01-17-

AStainless Steel screw manufacturerAnti-loosening screws, to provide not only fastening, but also the guarantee of peace! A blood bomb triggered by a screw? Let's take a look at these examples first.

On the January 31, 2000, Alaska Airways Flight No. 261 crashed due to a fatal problem with the nut drop of the tail degree tranquil telescopic screw, and all 88 people, including 3 children, were killed in the opportunity. An American Airlines Boeing 757 performed over the Atlantic in March 2008 for a moment of shock: as a screw loosened, causing the cockpit heater to catch fire, the windshield showed a few cracks, the plane emergency cut, fortunately there were no casualties.

June 29, 2010, 16:45 P.M., Shenzhen East Chinese city Grand Canyon Amusement Project "Space Trek" attack collapsed safety accident, the formation of 6 people died, 10 injured, including 5 minor injuries, the formation of the accident of the secondary cause of a 16mm screw loosening damage.

September 13, 2012 1 o'clock in the afternoon, Wuhan Changjiang 27 bridge and happy trail border a serious accident at the construction site, a construction lift fell from the 30 floor, causing 19 people died. Preliminary conclusion that the accident originated from elevator overload and lift screw loosening.

In the event of a ping an accident, a metal electrical screw can determine life and death, about the brand and goods, the details are unusual fatal. Tomorrow, speed will talk to everyone.Auto Special ScrewsThose unknown details.

As far as the medium drive booster bike is concerned, the most central part is the middle motor located at the bottom of the body. Affected by the status of the device, the medium motor not only to accept soil, flying stone and other external force strikes, but also to accept the impact of the motor in the process of operation vibration.      Therefore, the medium motor has high requirements for protection and stability. Secret interpretation in the screws speed travel helps bike devil details

Progressive protection can be added to the shield, but on the external stability of the motor it is necessary to use some special wrist because the electric timing of high speed is affected by the trampling force, high frequency vibration, temperature shaking and other factors, so how to avoid screw loosening has become a major problem in the assembly process of the middle motor. At the beginning of the design, the engineer program selection of high-quality anti-drop screws, but the resistance to falling screws is very complex, if can not be selected to the appropriate adhesive will be difficult to occur a satisfactory effect.

After several twists and turns, speed travel found the anti-fall group. Drop-resistant screws are hailed as the best screws in the world, and even the space Shuttle uses it to stop reinforcement. According to the introduction, the anti-drop screws in the fastener appearance spraying patented formula of engineering resin, in the locking process, the engineering resin is squeezed to occur a weak reaction force, thus improving the friction between the screw teeth, so that the screws are not easy to loosen. A special formula of engineering resin has been added to the snail tooth, which can not avoid the screw drop, and can extend the service life of the screw. Xin Hardware fastener manufacturers to provide us with more than just fastening, but also the guarantee of life peace.