How to detect car special screws
- 2019-01-17-

The normal work of a car can not be separated from many small parts, although the price is not high, compared to the price of the car is bucket minuscule, but they are indispensable. Apart from them, the motor function of the car can not be carried forward.

Above, I'm going to introduce one of those car parts, and that'sAuto Special Screws。 Screws are not only widely used in the industrial category, but also in our daily life. Screw secondary is used to connect parts, so that an object becomes a whole. Therefore, the screws must stop testing before they can be used for sale.

First: the appearance of the detection of car special screws on the appearance of the first impression, the impression of good or bad is whether the sale can be achieved the first step, functional aspects first put aside. Screws in the hand of the time to compare the appearance of clean, the following oil, dust to liquidate clean, can not give a seemingly backlog of a long feeling. That will not lift the product level of the screws, but will give its purchase price to form a great impact. At the same time, the appearance of the screws, including the burr on the thread to remove cleanliness, some screws before leaving the factory to stop polishing disposal. These are all to improve the selling of screws.

Second: Functional aspects of the detection of thread processing are to be in accordance with the corresponding thread specifications, the tooth spacing is strict rules, if the appearance of the screws have been electroplating disposal, then the thickness of the coating should also stop the measurement. The coating inside should be very lubrication, can not have the appearance of bumps.

Third: material detection used to process car screws can be divided into a variety of materials, which is also a thread price thinking of an important element. Under normal circumstances, the customer to buy back theAuto Special Screwsis to stop the material detection before removing it to the car and perhaps other equipment. There are many ways to test data, the quickest and most accurate method is spectral detection method, it can accurately read the content of various elements in the screw data, and the variety of materials to stop classifying. Other methods, although they can also distinguish the material of screws, but the method is comparable to general.