Summer Palace method of hardware furniture screws
- 2019-01-17-

Hardware furniture screws are one of the hardware components. Hardware components, refers to the use of hardware caused by machine parts or components, as well as some small hardware products. It can be useful alone, or it can be a help appliance. Hardware furniture screws are an important part of the furniture, its summer Palace a large level of impact on the use of furniture life, soHardware furniture ScrewsThe Summer Palace should be very attentive.

Screws are commonly used in major machinery and equipment, for the performance of mechanical equipment use also has a close relationship, if the screw use process to get sudden damage, and may seriously damage the equipment, resulting in equipment can not function properly, so we use screws in the process of a love maintenance, so as to be more safe to use.

Its summer Palace approach is to:

1, hardware furniture screws cleaning, to wipe with a damp cloth or wet cloth dipped in neutral detergent or detergent disposal, the initial wipe dry water stains. Can not be low-temperature teacups or other low-temperature items indirectly placed on the hardware furniture screws (glass, stainless steel, metal handle, etc.), should be used scaffolding, insulation pad, etc., so as not to attract the appearance of discoloration or foaming.

2, the appearance of serious stains or scratches, fireworks burns, you can use fine sandpaper (400-500) light grinding appearance, and then wipe with a clean cloth.

3. Do not scrape with sharp, hard objectsHardware furniture ScrewsAppearance, to prevent contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, halogen and other substances.

4, adhere to the clean, the use of careless formation of the appearance of water stains, to be wiped dry after use, often adhere to the appearance of clean and boring.

5, metal rails, hinges, hinges and so on to hit the current smooth oil, in order to adhere to the bright smooth. The above Summer Palace method is provided by Guangdong Xinda hardware.

6, regular cleaning of hardware accessories, after cleaning on the sliding or moving parts of the appropriate amount of lubricating oil.
7, can not handle their own, please contact the store sold or repair.