Those you don't know. Cleaning knowledge and good quality of high strength metal casing
- 2019-01-17-

1. Rinse the purified material when rinsing with silicate cleaning agent quenching and cleaning, and then rinse and appear on the appearance of XX solid data today. The data was discontinued by an infrared spectrometer and was indeed thought to be inorganic silicate and iron oxide. This is due to the fact that silicate makesHardware CasingThe appearance of the residue is not completely rinsed.

2. Fasteners stacked Unreasonable fasteners after showing signs of discoloration, soaked with ether, so that ether evaporation, found the remaining oily residue, such substances high content. Indicates that the fastener is purified by cleaning agent and quenching oil during the flushing period, melts at heat disposal temperature, leaving a chemical burn scar, this material proves that the fastener appearance is unclean. After the infrared spectrometer stop analysis, is the root oil and ether in the quenching oil mixture. Ether can come from participating in quenching oil. The consequence of quenching oil analysis in the mesh belt furnace indicates that the fastener is slightly oxidized in the quenching oil due to the unreasonable stacking of the fastener, but it can simply be neglected. This sight is related to the cleaning process, not the results of quenching oil.


3. Appearance residue on the high strength screws of white residue, with infrared spectrometer stop analysis, proved phosphating. There is no acid cleaning agent cleaning, and flushing tank introspection found that the bath has a high carbon solubility, the groove should be current drainage, often detect the concentration of lye lye concentration.


4. Alkaline extinguishing high strength screw quenching waste heat black average, flat oil black surface surface. But there are orange xx visible areas in the outer circle. There are also visible pale blue or light white areas. Raw material rods and wires coated with phosphating film, convenient cold upsetting and tapping, no need to rinse indirect heat disposal, in quenching oil cooling, alkaline cleaning agent cleaning, boring (do not rinse), 550 ℃ tempering, hot form from the forward to the furnace to remove oil immersion, the consequences found that there are white spots at the thread. The white area on the test screws is caused by alkali burns. Alkaline cleaners contain chlorinated substances. Calcium-containing compounds extinguish steel fasteners during thermal disposal and leave traces on the exterior of the fastener. Steel fasteners in quenching oil can not remove the appearance of alkaline objects, which burn the appearance in the low temperature austenite form, and in the next step tempering progress damage. It is recommended that the fasteners be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before heat disposal to completely eliminate the alkaline residues that incur the extinguishing of the extinguishing device.

5. Incorrect flushing of large size fasteners are commonly used in polymer water quenching, quenching with alkaline cleaning agent to stop cleaning and flushing, quenching after the fastener external rust. The analysis of Infrared spectrometer proves that, in addition to iron oxide, there are sodium, potassium and sulfur, indicating that the fastener has an alkaline cleaning agent on the outside, which can be potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or similar substances to promote its rust. Reflect on whether fastener flushing can be over-polluted. It is also advisable to change the flushing water often. In addition, the addition of anti-rust agent is also a great way.

6. Excessive rust high-strength fasteners often see some black stripes, but also in today's experiment, used inorganic and inorganic cleaning agent to rinse the heat before the fastener, quenching still found that still black stripes, even before the heat disposal Aberdeen carefully cleaned, will also be after the heat disposal of the stripes left behind. The external residual purifier was analyzed by infrared spectroscopy to show higher sulfur and calcium concentrations. With a large number of isopropyl acetate, a small piece of test paper in the dark spots of the folding force, filter paper on the black spot. After infrared spectroscopy analysis of filter paper, it is proved that calcium, sulfur, iron, manganese and chromium are secondary elements. In rust there is calcium and sulfur, this data is boring and quenching oil, and in the process of quenching gas phase evolution. Due to the excessive aging of quenching oil, it is recommended to pour out the old oil in the whole process cycle, take part in the new oil, stop process supervision and quenching oil maintenance.


Many people in the selection of metal casing when not know which company is good, particularly entangled, do not know how to choose, now I will teach you how to judge the quality of the metal casing, first of all, the metal casing before the production to see the material, quality standards is the premise to achieve national standards, and then look at the metal casing and national standards between the tolerance The so-called standard is used to determine the technical or results of the good basis, now I will teach you how to pickHardware Casing

First of all, the fastener is called fastener, first of all, in line with the national specifications of the Xin Fastener

Second, the smaller the tolerance value of fasteners and national standards, the better. Third, first of all, the standard parts have to look at the material before making, without looking at the material, the heavier the better

Again, is the price, good quality, reasonable price, cost-effective relatively