How to clean car special screws
- 2019-01-17-

The environmental hygiene of automobile special screws is not ideal, but before selling the screws to the customer, the customer is stillAuto Special ScrewsThe appearance of the comparison is picky, if the screws are dirty and overflowing with oil words to give people the first impression is comparable to the poor, in the customer's mind of the price will not come, so the cleaning of the screws to work is an essential detail to work.

However, because the screws in the process of processing is inevitable to deal with a variety of smooth oil and emulsifier, and these grease stains are comparable to difficult to clean, then to clean the appearance of the screws, what good way to use it? What results do we need to pay attention to in the process of cleaning?

First of all, car special screws are the most important thread, and thread is comparable to easy to be damaged by sharp substances, so in the cleaning screw thread at the time to compare careful, do not use metal balls or other grinding tools on the thread wanton cleaning. Once the thread is destroyed, it will incur the entire screw scrapped.

Secondly, the stains on the car special screws are secondary to oil and dust, the characteristics of the two stains are not the same, the former cleaning compared to trouble, water solubility is very low, and then the person is easier to clean. So the health situation of different screws we want to distinguish, if to oil-based, it is recommended to use neutral washing agent to wipe, the chemical on the screws of the damage compared to small, and is not too hurt hand.

Some workers do not understand the situation of the use of bleaching powder may be washing liquid, which is not allowed, due to the marketStainless Steel screw manufacturerOn the sale of screw washing liquid are containing abrasive ingredients, although cleaning up compared to save, but only a closer look will find that the appearance of screws will be scratched out of a lot of fine lines.

If the gray layer on the cleaning screws mainly, the method is much more complex, just need to mix hot soapy water and a large number of detergent together on it. Initially, about car screws compared to special stains, such as rust stains, with ordinary cleaning agent is unclean, it is best to use a concentration of about 10% nitrate solution to wipe.