What are the advantages of stainless steel non-standard screws and combination screws
- 2019-01-17-

Combination screws andStainless steel non-standard screwsThe difference is that the combination screws are combined with other components, such as elastic washers, flat pads, flower teeth, etc., other screws are generally loaded before the teeth, and after the hobbing washer can not be taken out.

Combination screws of raw materials are usually iron and stainless steel, the advantage is that with the corresponding washer, can make the production line operation is convenient and fast, improve the efficiency of the work, so it is widely used in electrical, machinery, furniture, ships and other areas. What are the common ingredients, the raw materials of the combination screws are iron and stainless steel two kinds.

One of the use of iron is made of different iron screws and wires, usually under the condition, there are 1010,1018,10b21 and so on. 10b21 is used to make 8.8-stage combination screws. Like level 8.8 inside the hexagonal combination of screws, on the commonly used 10b21 wire to do. After doing well, in the heat disposal. After the heat disposal is good, take the removal of hydrogen after electroplating. This is to prevent the elastic pad cracking of the inner hexagonal combination screws. and stainless steel combination screws, combination screws on the market, ordinary refers to the stainless steel SUS304 combination screws. 201 combination screws are generally done very little. Very few stainless steel screw manufacturers to produce 201 of the combination of screws. Because the hardness of stainless steel 201 screw wire is not very good control, it is easy to produce cracks.

Select the appropriate combination screws to follow the following four requirements:

First, to see what is required for the raw materials of the screws, that is, the need for that kind of material combination screws, such as the choice of stainless steel may be iron.

Second, to see the combination of screw country standard number has what demand, rare has GB9074.8, GB9074.4, GB9074.13 and so on several standards.

Third, to see the stainless steel non-standard screws of the machine functional strength requirements, such as grade is the demand level 4.8 is still 8.8, screws need not need to harden and so on.

Four, its main noteworthy is that there are many types of combination screws, such as three combination screws, hexagonal combination screws, cross disk head combination screws, hexagonal combination screws, stainless steel combination screws, high-strength combination screws, such as iron combination screws are to be electroplated. andStainless steel non-standard screwsis not required.