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Hardware nut Manufacturers let you know a variety of screwdrivers
- 2019-01-17-

Learn about all kinds of screwdrivers

First, screwdriver head type classification:

Screwdriver according to different head type can be divided into one word, cross, rice Word, star (computer), Fangtou, hexagonal head, Y-type head and so on, one word and cross is the most commonly used in our life, such as installation, maintenance and so on, it can be said that as long as there isStainless steel non-standard screwsA screwdriver is used in the place. Hexagonal head use is not much, commonly used in the hexagon wrench, like some machines on a lot of screws are with the inside hexagonal hole, convenient multi-angle force. Star type of large see is not much, small star type is often used to repair mobile phones, hard drives, notebooks, and so on, we put small screwdrivers called clock batch, commonly used star T6,t8, cross ph0,ph00 this kind.

Second, screwdriver different types of classification

1. Combination Screwdriver

The use of screws to separate the head and handle of the screw batch, to install different types of screws, just replace the screw head can be, do not need to bring a large number of screws. The advantage is that space can be saved, but it is easy to lose the screw batch head.

2, ordinary screwdriver

Is the head handle made together in the screwdriver, easy to prepare, just take out can be used, but because the screws have many different lengths and roughness, sometimes need to prepare a lot of different screws.

3, Electric screwdriver

Electric screw batch, as the name implies, with electric motor instead of manual installation and removal of screws, usually combined screwdriver.

4. Clock Starter

belong to the precision starter, commonly used in the repair of hand-band clocks, so there is this claim.

5, small King Kong screwdriver

The head handle and body size are smaller than the usual screwdriver, not the clock starter.

Third, in terms of its structural shape, there are usually the following:

1, straight shape. This is one of the most common. The head model has a word, cross, rice Word, t type (plum blossom type), h type (hexagonal), etc.

2, L shape. More commonly seen in the hexagonal screwdriver, the use of its longer rod to increase the torque, thus more labor-saving.

3, T-shape. Auto repair IndustryAuto Special ScrewsMore applications.