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Stainless steel screw manufacturer's quality supervisor how to monitor screw quality
- 2019-01-17-

               Manufacturer's quality supervisor how to monitor screw quality

So soStainless Steel screw manufacturerIn the quality supervisor, is to control the management of the company's production of screw quality problems. A good quality supervisor, of course, must have engaged in screw quality management for several years of quality management experience. Also must have a wealth of professional production and manufacture of screw quality management issues of professional basic knowledge. Like screw head type quality management, screw tooth thread quality management, screw plating quality management.

A screw management quality supervisor How to manage the company's production of screw quality problems! How to better control the company's high-quality quality, excellent quality it! This depends on the quality supervisor's technical and quality management experience. For this question, then the creative screws manager Zhu briefly introduced. For reference and learning.

Quality tube No matter good, not all is the quality supervisor's problem:

1. Your high level of quality attitude determines the direction of a company's quality control, which is not shouting slogans, but to the quality department to maximize the authority, so that quality assurance personnel have absolute control of the right, screw industry, has always been the technician to speak first, quality assurance second, if not change, a quality assurance supervisor can also be Bai da.

2. Personnel stability, now the turnover rate of various companies are very high, such as can not be effectively reduced, the professional quality of employees do not go, quality awareness is not broad, product quality is also not to go;

3. Whether the division of company processes, departmental functions is clearly in place, if not, will appear, a process of a section of unmanned tube, one may appear multiple people to control, and control standards and caliber is not the same, will affect the implementation of decision-making, implementation is not in place, quality assurance supervisor can only do a fixture, after the problem, Thick face Let don't scold and scold forget.

A company's good quality and bad, is a variety of reasons, to do a good job, we must:

1. Full participation, full attention (quality);

2. The functions of each department are clear and the division of labor is detailed;

3. All departments take responsibility, dare to face the problem, encounter problems to solve the problem, do not conceal, but to the relevant departments to discuss and solve;

4. After the solution of the problem to form a documented control, in order to prevent the recurrence of class problems, but also conducive to the company's technology accumulation.

5. According to market manpower quotes, timely revision of the company's personnel documents (wages, benefits, etc.), in order to stabilize personnel, improve the retention rate of old employees.

6. The reward and punishment system should be clear.

The above six points are indispensable, lack of that point, any quality assurance supervisor will now be incompetent.

In fact, screw quality Supervisor This seat is of course very important, but the company producedAuto Special ScrewsQuality is not to say that many quality managers can control the management of good. The key also depends on the company's head and teeth rubbing technical staff, screw-shaped type to play beautiful, teeth rubbing through the stop gauge. All aspects of technical tolerances in line with the national standard or customer requirements. That's definitely good quality.