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Hardware casing hardware fastener industry small knowledge, quenching cause analysis and relative prevention
- 2019-01-17-

Heat disposal is to makeHardware CasingLost better function and strength, but in the heat disposal process, we should pay attention to the workpiece attack quenching scene. Once the workpiece is quenched, it is equivalent to scrapping, which will result in a large amount of waste, so how to prevent the onset of quenching is particularly important.

Reason for fastener quenching:

1, quenching and the carbon content of steel has a great relationship, the higher the carbon content of steel parts, the greater the chance of attack quenching, in order to avoid quenching can choose the steel below 0.4%c.

2, quenching and shape also have a certain relationship, such as the workpiece has gaps, sharp corners, grooves, holes and so on, these sections of the rapid changes in the site are quenching internal stress concentration of the center, so prone to quenching.

3, Wendu overheating, due to control temperature is not allowed, temperature setting is too high, furnace temperature indirect heating site temperature through the high uneven and other elements.

4, cooling, cooling temperature through low or improper use of coolant will form quenching, the other internal critical area should choose to be cold, and in the-risk areas should be slow cold, take the first fast after slow cooling mode.

About hardware casing fastener quenching prevention measures, self-tapping screw experts secondary summary of the following points:

  1. Carbon content 0.4%c is the critical point of quenching, quenching should choose low carbon steel.

2. Quenching steel should have excellent metallurgical quality and original tissue.

3. Quenching heating should pay attention to the average furnace temperature, to prevent oxidative decarbonization and other seizures.

4. Quenching cooling should pay attention to the first fast and slow after the criterion, after quenching to immediately tempering, to avoid the placement of cracking.

5. Pay attention to the shape of the workpiece, its thickness should adhere to the average, symmetrical shape, do not present the notch sharp angle, pay attention to adhere to the brightness.


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