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Common sense of combination hardware furniture screws
- 2019-01-17-

Common sense of combination hardware furniture screws

    The following sections specifically describe the common sense of combinatorial screws:

1. Combination screw molding self-tapping screws a,ab, B, BP, C and other types have now been gradually combinedHardware furniture ScrewsRolled into a self-tapping screw instead, so in the new plan does not advocate the use. AB, B, BP is not the same only in the tail shape, AB has a combination screw cone tail,

2.B has a blunt tail, BP has a cone tail without combination screws, sharp tail base into the pre-drilling and began to make the combination of screws molding. Combination screw cutting self-tapping screws have BF, BP, D, F, G and T and other methods, BF, BP for wide combination screws, others for mechanical combination screws.

3. The identification character is different in its cutting tail. Each cutting tail has a shape capable of collecting scrap under cutting, assuming that the self-tapping screws are screwed into the blind hole (not through the hole), the debris will remain and be sealed at the bottom of the hole.

4. However, if the penetrating hole is entered, the scrap will fall on the other side of the workpiece. Therefore, in the selection of this type of self-tapping screws must be taken into account and this, waste may constitute pollution, fall into the work of the parts or make the electronic substrate can not operate.

5. All combination screws rolled into self-tapping screws are mechanical combination screws, with the Anglo-American combination of screw coarse teeth the same, please refer to SAE J81 rules. Metric combinationHardware electrical ScrewsPlease refer to the SAE J1237 and DIN7500 rules.

Features of the newly planned combinatorial screw assembly. With regard to the function and disadvantages of typical structures, a combined screw assembly is planned to replace the typical structure of the original. The newly planned composite screw assembly has the same function as the typical starting nut assembly, and the interface specification remains in common with the original structure. First of all, some improvements have been made in the structure, the screws and nuts in the original structure have been changed to the composite screw structure, the combination screws and the fixed plate are selected with reinforced nylon material, the die-casting molding type, and the floating nut block is selected as the canonical square nut.

device, simply place the float nut block into the groove in the center of the fixing plate, and close to the cabinet flying Edge, and then press the hand into the combination screws and mandrel can complete the device. In the new component, the floating nut block relies on the groove on the fixing plate to limit the position and supply the floating space, which is in common with the principle and function of the original component. Willow NailThe new component makes a wonderful improvement on the shortcomings of the original component, giving it new features