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Four trends in the future development of hardware and electrical screws
- 2019-01-17-

                                Four trends in the future development of hardware and electrical screws

      Next two yearsStainless Steel screw manufacturerHow will it develop? The above detailed analysis of the past two years in the United States screw stumbling, from which we can see that the development of the United States screw business is still very promising, with the gradual recovery of the United States economy, screw manufacturers are gradually on track. There are four major trends in the future.

      1, the United States real estate and construction will recover. But the situation of the hardware and electrical screw industry is still very clear, the previous backlog of large inventory is determined by the mall. It also depends on the growth of jobs in the United States, which has a direct impact on the determination of American consumers to buy new homes. However, we expect the number of future real estate malls in the United States to increase significantly as the number of renovated homes to improve households increases, and then the number of screw manufacturers will increase.

2. In addition to Taiwan and mainland China, the import market for American screws will diversify. Emerging economies will turn to screw makers, as buyers will be more inclined to look for more secure suppliers than traditional malls to save money and shorten delivery times. Transport companies have also responded to this trend by expanding transport routes at major ports.

3. Shipment of imported screws will be docked in the United States to reach the end user. Over the past seven years, shipments from Asia have gradually shifted to the eastern port of the Panama Canal, as the company can prevent a reduction in its rated transport costs at Southern California ports. They want to take full advantage of the expanded Panama Canal to transport goods from the Nanyang and India to the west. Figure 6 shows the overall trading trend chart of American screws over the past 7 years.

4. Developed economies such as Europe and the United States will continue to import most of the screws and other goods from China. But these countries 'Sports Equipment Screws WholesaleManufacturers will focus on some common goods and take advantage of rising logistics costs to better serve their customers.

The US screw industry has been a bit bumpy over the past two years, but looking ahead, screw makers are sure to return to their previous levels of development. Perhaps we will face some challenges involving economic and political micro-factors, but at the same time, screw companies still have a lot of room for development, the outlook is still very promising.

The pattern of global trade has changed dramatically over the past 2 years. Not only have companies in the United States and Europe experienced long-term economic weakness, but the world is also aware of the cuts that traditional economies need. Although GDP in China and other Asian countries continues to grow, the slow recovery in the West has slowed global economic growth. Therefore, when we analyze the screw industry, we first need to have a thorough understanding of the entire supply chain and stakeholders.

The healthy development of the screw market is based on many other occupations. The demand for car-specific screws is influenced by many factors, such as the real estate market, manufacturing and the production of economic goods. It is necessary to analyze the factors that affect the supply of screws, because through the analysis of these factors, we can understand the final cost expectations of the hardware fastener manufacturers, which mainly include the price of steel and copper, transportation costs and carrying capacity. Understanding and focusing on these industries will help us grasp the development trend of the screw industry next year.