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Summary of basic knowledge of hardware waterproof casing
- 2019-03-26-

Hardware CasingAlso called wearing a wall casing, wearing a wall tube. Flexible waterproof casing is usually suitable for piping through the walls of the premises by the vibration or well-waterproof request of the structure, casing department processing to achieve, in the outer wall are painted again (primer contains camphor or cold base  oil). Waterproof casing is divided into rigid waterproof casing and flexible waterproof casing. If the use of the premises is not the same, flexible waterproof casing is important to use in the civil defense wall, ponds and other high-request premises, rigid waterproof casing like flat herbal in the basement and other pipelines need to wear pipeline status.

Flexible waterproof casing is suitable for pipe through the wall of the premises by the vibration or well-waterproof request of the structure of the metal pipe fittings, the usual basin enterprises are based on the construction of the Scientific Research Institute development Plan of the S312, 02S404 scale Atlas manufacturing. Flexible waterproof casing through the walls of the wall, such as in the case of non-concrete should be replaced with concrete walls, and the casing must be condensed once in the wall; flexible waterproof casing is commonly used in construction, chemical, steel, tap water, sewage disposal and other units.

Rigid waterproof casing is steel pipe plus wing ring (steel plate made of ring sleeve on the steel pipe), installed in the wall (mostly concrete wall), used for the same ordinary pipe through the wall, conducive to the waterproofing of the wall, and flexible waterproof casing in addition to the internal wing ring, the interior of another gear and so on, Frannes, there are complete sets of sales Used for piping casing necessary for damping, such as when piping connected to a pump through a wall.

Whether flexible waterproof casing or rigid waterproof casing is used for piping through the vibration or well-waterproof request of the construction wall of the hardware fittings, rare for construction, chemical, steel, tap water, sewage disposal and other units.


OneHardware CasingImportant impact of waterproof casing

"The cover pipe is not damaged."

-Plastic pipe shuttle floor necessary cover.

As mentioned above, everyone's practice of adding casing to the U-PVC drainage plastic pipe is a cover measure to prevent the root of the pipe from being damaged by external forces. (Plastic tubes are most afraid of damage from the roots because, repair is difficult).

Similarly, to deal with plastic water supply pipe, on the floor to add a casing, not only consider the construction, or repair, but also cover the root is not damaged by the impact. Everyone knows that the casing of plastic water supply pipe, not necessarily through the floor, but, on the floor of the height of a clear request, the purpose is this. (Visible procedures, detailed details).

-Pipeline shuttle base wall, see more concrete shear wall, but also to install casing, cover pipe-when the construction settlement, through the process pipeline and the gap between the casing, to you to fill the pipe with the difference in the settlement of the construction, reduce the pressure of the construction on the pipeline.

-When the pipe wears three seams (expansion joints, sedimentation seams, shockproof seams), the pipe is not the construction of three seams of the two sides of the double side of the settlement and break, or twist, usually, but also to set a casing. This casing has a special request at every time. Customization can be requested on a schedule basis.

-Geothermal coil through the process to open the middle of the room set up expansion joints, but also in the outside of the coil, set casing, cover the heat pipe.

"Convenient installation of piping, and repair piping"

-To deal with the casing wearing the floor, do not have to say more;

To deal with the construction of the inner wall of the casing, how to benefit the repair, no experience, I am afraid to owe a good imagination.

Pipeline device, the operator's space utilization scale is very large, can be freely used. Users stay in the future of the repair, and pipeline exchange (to reach the useful life, etc.), the operator's space is unlimited.

Only pipe brackets, and casing temporarily firm pipes can be used to stop the manipulation of the response.

At the same time, the casing settings, but also to prevent the replacement of the pipeline, the interior decoration damage-if there is no casing, in the stop of the above manipulation, will be in the pipeline across the wall, resulting in damage to the wall.

"There is a water room casing, there is a certain degree of prevention of water infiltration, flow, dripping to the grassroots impact"

-"Prevention" has two aspects, on the one hand, refers to the completion of the project in the future, the user in the decoration stage, improper cause, the formation of tap water flow, through the casing stream base, on the other hand, after the user stationed, the cause of unexpected reasons, the formation of tap water flow, through the casing stream base. Moreover, the former is more than the latter.

There are two reasons for the flow of the base, one is the low height of the casing, and the other is that the height is enough, but the casing mouth is not tightly sealed.

Yes, the standard has a harsh request for the height of the casing:

There are water rooms (kitchen, toilet, etc.), casing height should be more than across the living high altitude 50mm, plastic water supply pipe casing should be more than across the survival of more than 100mm. And the use of ointment sealed carefully.

"Prevent interspersed purification"

-When the premise is limited, the indoor water supply pipe must be under the drainage pipe through the period, the water supply pipe must set the casing, the casing length should not be less than the planned request, in order to prevent water purification.

-Outdoor water supply pipe, due to the premise, from the septic tank net distance is less than the standard request, but also must be in the water supply pipe plus casing, length according to the plan request to do.

Second, waterproof casing herbal varieties of "popular casing"

-When the pipeline shuttles the foundation, the inner wall, the floor and so on, prevents the pipe (pressurized pipe, such as water supply, heating, etc.) from making the diachronic, forming disturbance to the construction material, at the same time facilitating the pipe device and the repair, setting, larger than the outer diameter of the device pipe, the material and length are in line

-Popular casing, mostly made of welding, casing at both ends should be machine cutting (for example, with toothless saws, etc.), the wall thickness request is not strict.

"Waterproof Casing"

-A specially manufactured casing that is set up when the pipe travels through the basement, etc., when there are waterproof requests for construction and structures. Herbal rigid waterproof casing.

-Rigid waterproof casing, need to be welded outside the casing water ring wing, the casing wall thickness, ring wing wall thickness have a severe request,

And the weld quality should be tube.

-The new type of extended waterproof casing, for the thickening wall custom-made waterproof casing, can be satisfied with the ultra-thick wall of the pipe piercing request.

-Anticorrosive waterproof casing, the end of the anti-corrosion coating special disposal of waterproof casing, useful to prevent the oxidation and corruption of waterproof casing.

Third, waterproof casing device Rare method

"Installation with Civil construction"

-Pipe through the concrete structure of the shear wall Foundation, metal casing, wearing beams, wearing special-shaped columns, should be with the civil construction equipment. The reason for this is that after the reserved hole, the casing and concrete between the two pouring is not good disposal; some helpless disposal, such as basement foundation concrete shear wall device rigid waterproof casing.

"Installation of pipe front device"

-Refers to the pipeline wearing concrete floor, popular brick wall, as usual in the concrete floor reserved holes, popular brick wall can be chiseled in the future wall eyes. Floor, before the safety pipe, dropped through the line, device casing. Brick wall, draw the line, plant the bracket, find a good slope, device casing.

Iv. classification and use scale and elucidation of waterproof casing

Herbal waterproof casing is divided into two kinds of rigidity and flexibility. Selection should be noted: waterproof casing is based on the construction of Scientific Research Institute development Plan of S312, 02S404 scale Atlas manufacturing. Rigid waterproof casing is suitable for drinking water pond waterproof casing device, in the asbestos cement filling end of the future stop, fill the seal paste, should cover the seam inside the contact surface without rust, lacquer skin, dirt, and clean, boring. Flexible waterproof casing is usually suitable for piping through the walls of the premises subject to vibration or well-waterproof request of the structure; wall walls, such as in the case of non-concrete should be replaced with concrete walls, and the casing must be condensed into the wall at once; waterproof casing applied to construction, chemical, steel, tap water, sewage disposal and other units.

Waterproof Casing Classification:

Hardware CasingFlexible waterproof casing, rigid waterproof casing, steel flexible waterproof casing, two-sided protection rigid closed casing, 04FS02 flexible closed casing, extended flexible waterproof sleeve and so on.

Waterproof Casing elucidation:

1. Flexible filler data: Bitumen, hemp wire, polystyrene board, PVC foam board.

2. Sealing paste: Sulfur sealant paste, polyurethane dense cream

3. Casing through the wall in the case of non-concrete walls, should be partially switched to concrete walls, its pouring scale should be biyi ring diameter (D5) Large 200, and the casing must be doused once in the wall.

4. The concrete wall thickness of the pipe should be less than 300, otherwise the wall should be thickened or both sides thickened, and the diameter of the thickening department is up to D5+200.

5. The weight of the casing should be calculated separately when the L=300 is calculated as the wall thickness is greater than 300.