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Five criteria for determining hardware fastener screws
- 2019-03-29-

Hardware FastenersEnterprises talk about the most "transformation" "Upgrade", however, in the context of transformation and upgrading, the vast majority of Chinese fastener enterprises have to face such a situation: raw material prices rise, labor costs rise.

We can see that the market is full of big or small, or well-known or niche brands. Thousands of brands, on the one hand, means that the hardware industry is developing rapidly, market dividends attract hardware enterprises, on the other hand, it heralds the proliferation of brands, hardware industry development is too bloated, there is no industry planning.

With the continuous development and self-improvement of the hardware industry, the hardware industry in the future may face a "shuffle" revolution, which is the inevitable war. In this campaign, which brands stand, which brands are down, the key factor lies in the hardware enterprises themselves, then hardware enterprises if they want to "shuffle" in the foothold, how to do it?

EachHardware FastenersProducts cover a number of criteria in a number of areas. Here are some confirmation criteria for some hardware fasteners!

1, fastener Product size standards: The basic size of the specified product, thread products, but also include the basic size of the thread thread to complete the shoulder bottom cut and chamfering external thread part size and so on.

2, fastener product technical conditions standard. Specifically, it includes the following criteria: fastener Product Tolerance Standard: Provides tolerances and geometric tolerances for product dimensions. Standard for mechanical properties of fastener products: The marking method and mechanical performance items and requirements for the mechanical properties of the product are specified; some fastener products change this content to material properties or work performance content.

① Fastener Product Surface defect Standard: Specifies the type of surface defect and the specific requirements of the product.

② Hardware fastener Product Surface Treatment Standard: Specifies the type of surface treatment and the specific requirements of the product.

③ Hardware Fastener Product Testing standards: set out the above various performance requirements of the testing aspects.

3, Hardware fastener product acceptance inspection mark and packaging standards: the designation of product quality inspection and sampling plan, as well as product marking methods and packaging requirements.

4. Hardware Fastener Product Marking method Standard: The complete marking method of the product and the simplified marking method are specified.

5,Hardware FastenersOther aspects of the standard: fastener terminology, fastener product weight standards and other standards.