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Precautions for manufacture and installation of Civil air defense closed casing
- 2019-04-03-

The civil defense dense ratio casing is a kind of mainly used forHardware pipelineThe building is pre-buried pipe fittings. In the processing and manufacturing should be carefully familiar with the drawing design size, and analysis of how to manufacture the consumption process, according to the building plan, construction pipe surface map and building façade drawings to affirm the length of the casing, and then refer to the standard Atlas to manufacture.

In the manufacture of civil defense closed casing, the thickness of the wing ring and casing should be in line with the country's standard standards, the casing wing ring should be welded on both sides, and the weld plump, smooth, lubrication, no slag, no stomata, bubbles, no cracks and other unqualified phenomenon. After welding, the solder slag clearing clean, and then stop the antirust paint spray brush. Air defense closed casing in the device should be pipe should with the wall, beam, column to complete the face level, casing at both ends of the application of steel bar more than three sides clamping fixed, not inclined.

The civil defense closed casing adopts the rigid connection, and the rigid discharge casing structure is very similar, only more than the rigid waterproof casing outside one or more wing rings, as well as anti-shock wave bezel, bezel and wing ring, pipe direct welding fixed.

Air defense closed casing electrical use of the demand cut 5CM (plus anti-force film). Usually not threaded accessories inside (pipe hoop) to the wall is also 5CM demand reserved pipe hoop length, about the whole 10CM, other do not need out of the wall. If the air defense closed casing is set between two human zones, then both sides of the casing of the Civil air defense closed casing must be provided with a wing ring and anti-shock wave bezel.

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