Sports equipment Screws

Sports equipment Screws

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Sports equipment Screws

Dongguan XindaHardware fastener ManufacturersThere is also a sports equipment screws, as the name implies, the tail of the screw is generally expressed as the shape of the drill bit, the hardness of this screw is also very strong, compared with it, ordinary screws, not only good maintenance capacity, but also a strong impact on the connection object. For this kind of performance of the screw, generally do not need auxiliary processing, the hole can be directly on the object directly into the object, not only easy to use. It can also greatly improve work efficiency. This self-drilling screw is the best choice for workers in all fields. Purchasing method of sports equipment screws

At present, the commonly used stainless steel non-standard screws self-locking anti-loosening firmware mainly include: 1, self-locking, the use of a variety of self-locking bolts or ring groove rivets; 2, in the threaded connection pair to add a variety of spring washers, to achieve thread self-locking, for self-locking threaded glue.

Wholesale purchasing method of sports equipment screws

At present, sports equipment,Sports Equipment Screws WholesalePurchases have evolved from the original offline purchase to an online + offline combination. The future will be dominated by online.

More sports equipment screws on sports equipment

As we all know, sports equipment screws are standard parts, fitness equipment used in a relatively large number, but the diameter of the screws are different. For example, a treadmill requires a self-tapping screw to secure a plastic part, and a double-headed screw is required to secure the operating platform. Need to use internal sports equipment screws to secure the handrail, the need for cross screws fixed circuit board, etc., other fitness equipment such as 10 people stand without screws absolutely not fixed! Dongguan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has Taiwan imported high-precision testing equipment, mainly including: computer image optical Screening machine, Vickers (HV) Hardness meter, Rockwell (HRC) Hardness meter, metallographic cutting machine, metallographic grinding polishing machine, salt mist tester, projector, film thickness meter, tensile testing machine, two-dimensional projector, torque meter, Micrometer, caliper, threaded ring gauge, threaded plug gauge, etc., to ensure that every product produced is guaranteed.

Motion Equipment Screw Mounting steps

Many sports enthusiasts are concerned not only with the performance of fitness equipment, but also with the installation of fitness equipment and the use of sports equipment screws. FollowingSports Equipment Screws WholesaleManufacturers will share the steps of the expansion screw installation, generally divided into three steps.

First: Place the outdoor fitness equipment in the installation location, marked with chalk.

Second: After removing outdoor fitness equipment, drill holes with electric drills.

The third step: put the outdoor fitness equipment back to the installation position, with expansion screws through the outdoor sports machine installation hole, with a hammer, with a wrench to tighten the screws.